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We’ve Forgotten How To Argue Well (Hint: It’s Not About Yelling, Swearing, Or Mocking)

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We’ve forgotten how to argue well (hint: it’s not about yelling, swearing, or mocking the other person). The art of civil discourse seems to be lost in our country.

Maybe it is because the internet gives us the opportunity to read and say horrible things without having to look at the person, the victim’s face.

Calvin swearing for POST

I was going to include a video here – one of the many Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Tweets” celebrity edition videos… (where celebrities read horrible things people say about them on Twitter) but they’re all way too rated R for… Read More

Fun & Fascinating. Because Friday.

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My daughter has been complaining about the lack of “Fun Friday” posts, so… this is for her. Maybe you’ll like it too.


1. VIDEO—Confusing Question of the Day.

Jimmy Kimmel’s team went out on the street asking people this question: “In light of the recent stock market crash, Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall around Wiz Khalifa to protect Americans from anchor babies. Despite the Iranian nuclear deal, do you also support his proposal’s plan to lower taxes, giving way to newer, better emojis even if it thwarts Harry Styles’ efforts abroad?” That question doesn’t make any sense at all, but that didn’t stop people from… Read More

There’s No Healing In The Hidden

On March 28th, Pope Francis was at St Peter’s Basilica with 61 other priests – who had all gathered to hear confessions. When being directed to the confessional reserved for the Pope to hear confessions, he made a surprise move…

Pope Francis walked over to another confessional that already had a priest in it, and began confessing his own sins.

James 5.16 says, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

I believe there is a healing that comes through confession.

Recently, I was listening to a program that… Read More

Party Animals

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Yay! It’s Friday – so it’s time to watch a few fun videos (got a party animal theme going on today) and possibly win something cool. You ready? Here we go…


1. FREE BOOK—The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett.

cause within you matthew barnett book

Last Friday, Pastor Matthew Barnett spoke at NWLife for Together Nights (here’s that message). Today you can win one of his books… all you have to do is comment below (scroll down to the bottom of this post to comment – say anything) and you will be automatically entered to win. A winner will be selected and announced on this post within 24 hours.


2. VIDEO—Rodents On Turntables.

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Some Friday Fun

It’s been a fun week… our Seahawks won the Super Bowl and we celebrated in the streets of Seattle.  But it’s the end of the week, so here’s some Friday fun for ya!



Win a book or a CD or a surprise gift pack. All you need to do is comment below and you will be automatically entered to win… Read More

Arctic Chill

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Hope you’re having a happy snow day in the northwest! Did you know Los Angeles even experiences the artic chill from time to time? This is how it get reported by L.A. newscasters…


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Have A Laugh. Maybe Win.

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The best thing to do on Fridays is to have a laugh or maybe even win something. So, here’s your chance to do both…


1. FREE—Jute Drawstring Backpack With A Surprise Inside.

Just comment below and you will be automatically entered to win a jute drawstring backpack with a nifty surprise inside. Two winners will be selected and announced tonight… Read More