Arctic Chill

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Hope you’re having a happy snow day in the northwest! Did you know Los Angeles even experiences the artic chill from time to time? This is how it get reported by L.A. newscasters…


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2 Comments to Arctic Chill

  1. I remember Retta telling me how cold it was in Hawaii when it got “all the way down to 50″, and she’s still not acclimated back to our temps, compared with Vietnam. And I must admit I was greatly humbled when I could not get my trusty Volvo up an icy hill and had to back down (slip-sliding away…).

  2. Danielle Pridgen

    I liked the part, “It Might have snowed, if the temperature would have been lower by a few degrees.” Haha.

    “There is a breeze and leaves are blowing across the ground, which could cause you some trouble this morning getting to work.” Oh boy, California. You guys wanna come scrape the frost off my windows this morning?? ;-)

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