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Something Fun, Something Fascinating, Something Free

Happy Friday! Here are some fun and fascinating videos (and a chance to win a free book)…



Using fear in advertising (like to sell home security systems) isn’t cool – but somehow this advertisement for label maker brand Brother is.



Lighten Up

It’s probably because I’m around Christians so often…

I keep getting the sense that y’all need to lighten up—so here are some videos to make you smile or grin or laugh or giggle (and I hope you do). Also, at the bottom of this post there’s a chance for you to win something cool. Ready? Let’s go!


1. VIDEO—Hashtags on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon #AwkwardBreakUp.

YouTube Preview Image


2. VIDEO—Things You Can’t do When You’re Not a Toddler with… Read More

13 Things I’m Learning In 13 Years Of Being Ashah’s Daddy

Today is Ashah Joy Elizabeth’s 13th birthday… so here are 13 things I am learning in my 13 years of being Ashah’s Daddy:

  1. Feeling ready to be a good dad isn’t necessary to be one. I didn’t feel ready. I was insecure and unsure about how to be a parent—but when she arrived, I fell in love and that was enough.
  2. Despite my attempts to control and make everything perfect… Read More