Lighten Up

It’s probably because I’m around Christians so often…

I keep getting the sense that y’all need to lighten up—so here are some videos to make you smile or grin or laugh or giggle (and I hope you do). Also, at the bottom of this post there’s a chance for you to win something cool. Ready? Let’s go!


1. VIDEO—Hashtags on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon #AwkwardBreakUp.

YouTube Preview Image


2. VIDEO—Things You Can’t do When You’re Not a Toddler with Tripp & Tyler.

YouTube Preview Image


3. VIDEO—My OCD Song with Rhett & Link.

YouTube Preview Image


4. VIDEO—Disney Characters Falling at Disneyland.

YouTube Preview Image


5. FREE—Surprise Gift Pack.

Here’s your chance to win one or some of my favorite things – like a book or snack or whatever else I can find in my office to give away. Just comment below and you will automatically be entered to win. Winner will be announced in the comment section within 24 hours.


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

6 Comments to Lighten Up

  1. Elise Bell

    1. In 8th grade I broke up with my boyfriend and he called a radio station and dedicated “you give love a bad name”
    2. I want to play the OCD game

    • Great #AwkwardBreakupStory Elise!

      I felt the same way about the OCD game. Actually, I watched it at first hoping to have a good laugh at OCD people, then I started to think they were making fun of me.

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