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The Me Who Isn’t Performing… Do I Like Him?

Acting is all about faking things…  —John Cleese

I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night – and he had a famous starlet / actress / singer on the show. The first few minutes of her interview was OK, but I kept thinking she seemed uncomfortable. At times, her voice was a bit shaky.

Then, they did a fun bit called “Wheel of Musical Impressions” where you spin the dial and it “randomly” gives you a song to sing and an artist to impersonate. For example, Jimmy Fallon got “I’m a Little Tea Pot” in the style of Dave Matthews. His guest got “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the style of Fetty Wap and “Spongebob Squarepants” in the style of Christina Aguilera.

She nailed it. I mean, she performed with confidence, gusto, soul… it was impressive and funny and attention-grabbing. She is obviously a performer.

Something about the whole interview struck me: there was a notable change in confidence or comfortability with being herself -vs- performing.

She was visibly more comfortable performing.

I’ve noticed this before on late-night show interviews and… Read More

Lighten Up

It’s probably because I’m around Christians so often…

I keep getting the sense that y’all need to lighten up—so here are some videos to make you smile or grin or laugh or giggle (and I hope you do). Also, at the bottom of this post there’s a chance for you to win something cool. Ready? Let’s go!


1. VIDEO—Hashtags on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon #AwkwardBreakUp.

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Have A Sunny Fun Day (Maybe Win A Free Book Too)!

Nothing beats a sunny day in the Northwest. It’s perfect. Maybe your Friday will even get better – with a few fun and/or funny videos… and a chance to win a new book too! Here we go:



farewell to mars book

I loved Brian Zahnd‘s book “Beauty Will Save The World,” and I’m loving his latest work, “A Farewell To Mars.” Here’s your chance to get this brand new book (it was released on June 1st) – all you have to do is comment below (scroll down to the bottom of this post to comment – say anything) and you will be automatically entered to win. A winner will be selected and announced on this post within 24 hours.



Comedy writer Rob Norman tells his story of being robbed—and how he could have fought his attackers or ran away… but chose to do neither. (PG-13 language)… Read More

Have A Laugh. Maybe Win.

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The best thing to do on Fridays is to have a laugh or maybe even win something. So, here’s your chance to do both…


1. FREE—Jute Drawstring Backpack With A Surprise Inside.

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