Some Funny Things & Something Free (It Must Be Friday)

Happy Friday! I have a few funny / interesting videos to share with you… and something free to give away.



If you like winning, just write something in the comment section below to enter your name in the drawing for a brand-new, signed book by yours truly.

1. VIDEO—Human Balloon.

Listening to and watching the laughing friend in this video is funnier than balloon man.

YouTube Preview Image


2. VIDEO—Over-burdened Donkey.

Again, the sound effects funnier than the actual video.

YouTube Preview Image


3. VIDEO—Why Chihuahuas Don’t Run in the Snow.

No chihuahuas were harmed in the making of this video.

YouTube Preview Image


4. VIDEO—Wrecking Ball Piñata.

I want this for my next birthday party please.

YouTube Preview Image


Got any funny or interesting videos to share?


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