My Favs This Week

I saw and read a lot of stuff online this week – but these are my favs and I wanted to share ‘em with you…


kate wallace post

This post, Jesus and a Woman’s “Place” by Kate Wallace.


brian zahnd post

This post, Jesus Trumps Biblicism: A Tale of Sticks and Stones by Brian Zahnd. I love this line, “Jesus is the full revelation of the Father. Jesus is what God has to say.”


scott mcclellan post

This post, What not to do at a Conference by Scott McClellan.


donald miller NEW

This post, What’s the Danger in Categorizing People? by Donald Miller.

How about you? What were your favs this week online? Share below in the comments!


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

1 Comment to My Favs This Week

  1. “What not to do at a Conference” was great. It’s easy to be inspired by them, but also feel super down on yourself- wow, I can’t do any of this stuff. So helpful to keep it all in perspective and not compare. Thanks Bry!

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