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If You Haven’t Already, You Should

Here are the highlights of what I read / saw / watched online this week. If you haven’t already clicked on these, you should…


greg boyd post

This post, The Cruciform Way Of The Lamb, by Greg Boyd. Greg is a brilliant theologian and communicator. His book, The Myth of a Christian Nation is one of the most challenging ones I’ve read in the past 5 years. In this post’s video, Greg offers insight… Read More

Sundays Are For Sharing

I read some great stuff on a few of my favorite websites / blogs this week – and since Sundays are for sharing, I’m passing them on to you…


donald miller post problem with bw thinkingThis post, “The Problem With Black & White Thinking” by Donald Miller. I really love this part:

“Black-and-white thinking is attractive because it’s reductionistic; it simplifies everything so we don’t really have to comprehend. It allows us to feel intelligent without understanding, and once we are intelligent, we feel superior. People who don’t agree with us are just dumb.”

His 4 tips for not thinking in black and white are… Read More

I Don’t Want To Be A Protest Ant

I’m a protestant (which means I’m part of that “branch” of Christianity that isn’t the Roman Catholic church). It’s rather embarrassing to admit that I didn’t even understand that Catholics are Christians until a few years ago. I wrote about this at length in my post “Stuff I Don’t Believe Anymore.”

The word protestant comes from the root protest. That’s what Martin Luther did in 1517. He took issue with the policies, practices, and beliefs of the Catholic church. And when his points weren’t received, he started creating a new church.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s deep in our protestant DNA to protest; to be protest ants… Read More