Sunday Shout Outs

Here’s what I really enjoyed reading online this past week…

sarah schwartz post

This post, I Need To Hear From Women, by Sarah Christine Schwartz.

My favorite line(s):

I need to see the daughters of Mary operating in the dignity that was given to them at the tomb as the first people to carry the message of the gospel. 

I have a deep love and high regard for the men who have taught me from the pulpit and the lectern—I’ve needed and need them, too. But I don’t ever think there is going to be a lack of their voices in my life to tell me about Jesus. 

I need a diversity of voices, because where we lack diversity, we miss out on the gifts God intends diversity to brings us. We miss out on the fullness of who God is, and how he is moving and speaking in the lives of people who are different than we are. 

I need to be taught by women to be reminded that I have a place here, too. 

Read the full post here.


josh ross jonathan storment post heaven myths

And this post, Debunking 3 Myths About Heaven, by Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment. I just ordered their book Bringing Heaven to Earth – and am looking forward to reading it (the concept reminds me of what we’ve been emphasizing at our annual Together Nights this year: Heaven Breaking Through).

My favorite line(s):

The author and pastor Joshua Ryan Butler recently suggested Christians do an experiment. Search your Bible for the verses that have both the words Heaven AND Hell. Most translations that you search will come back with . . . wait for it . . . zero results.

Does that surprise anyone else? It seems like most preachers mention Heaven and Hell in the same breath. In popular culture, Heaven and Hell belong in the same category, but that’s not the way that the Bible talks about them.

Now, search Heaven and Earth in your Bible and you will find over 200 verses. Hell isn’t the counter-point of Heaven — Earth is. This may sound like nothing more than a bit of interesting Bible trivia, but it is a huge deal in the Scriptures. Heaven and Earth were made together, they belong together, and God will ultimately reconcile Heaven to Earth.

Read the full post here.


QUESTION: Did you read or see or watch anything online that you found to be particularly share-worthy? Give a shout out in the comments below…




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2 Comments to Sunday Shout Outs

  1. Brian, thanks for sharing Sarah’s blog. A very impressive 24-year-old. I signed up!

    As for something I found meaningful, I will share a link to an audio from a young colleague of mine:
    It is about suicide prevention – one of those important topics that most of us find so awkward to speak out loud, especially in churchy settings. (Christians don’t get depressed, right?)

    As I said in my Twitter and FB accounts, in the 30 or so minutes it would take a person to listen to this presentation, 2 to 3 people will end their lives by suicide. If someone tells you they are thinking about ending their life – believe them. Words matter. Learn the signs. There’s a lot one person can do.

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