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This past weekend my friends threw a book release party for me. It was fun and full of surprises. I was interviewed about the book, my mom read a selection, and so did I. Everything was perfect – the music, the food, and the decorations. Such a great night!

And the people there were amazing.

I wanted to share just a little bit of the behind the scenes on the book with you today…

Who the book is for: You. Seriously. I really believe it will be a help and encouragement to you. Also – each chapter ends with a summary of the “big ideas” and has questions for either individual or group study.

I think it is a great book to use for small groups too.

Some authors that inspire me: I have several. I want to be raw and honest like Brennan Manning, funny like Tina Fey, poetic and gritty like Father Gregory Boyle, compassionate and gentle like Jean Vanier, make people think differently like Barbara Brown Taylor, and spread grace indiscriminately like Robert Farrar Capon.

Why I wrote THIS book: Actually, it surprised me that THIS is the book I wrote. I have a stockpile of ideas and outlines that I would have imagined using before ever approaching this subject… but the truth is, God was dealing with ME about this issue of peace and rest. I felt compelled to write it.

How you can help: I’d love for you to read Peace & Rest. Perhaps you would consider using it for a small group study. Once you’ve read the book, post a review on Amazon. And if you really want to help me out, spread the word. Share the Amazon link on Twitter and/or Facebook (use the hashtag #PeaceAndRest). Here’s the link to the book on Amazon: Peace & Rest.

If you like the book, tell people about it!

What’s next: Yes, I will continue writing. My immediate project is to complete a book for brand-new followers of Jesus called “Welcome Home.” It will be something we give to people who are new to the church and/or new to the faith. Hopefully, it will be a resource that will benefit other churches too.
wide shot PB and mom reading color w crowd visible

book reveal with empty chairs on stage BW         PB signing book hands color PB signing shawn bells book PB signing elizabeths book PB and Wheelers color food table at the party colorPB with Ramirez family colorangela and ashah BWPB and Kristin selfie BWPB and trey monaghan matching glasses color

PB signing with will and chelsea bennett BWdollemans and masithas BW

I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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  1. So cool! Sorry I missed it but looking forward to reading the book. I’ve never heard anyone say that they have way too much peace in their lives. :O)

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