Friday Is For Fun (& Delicious Food)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something just for fun on a Friday and that is kinda like a warning light on my dashboard of life… indicating that I better lighten up or something is gonna break, burn, or fall apart. And nobody wants that, so c’mon, let’s have some fun!

Here’s some fun, happy stuff that made me smile (and think about delicious food):

1. Scottish dad’s conversation with his daughter about boyfriends.

John Tierney decided to lay down some ground rules in a recent conversation with his four-year-old daughter Grace. He then posted the 30 second clip to Twitter, where it was shared by Scottish comedian Limmy (who has nearly 200,000 followers).

John, 37, said the conversation started when Grace waved at two boys who were walking past the car.

He said: “I joked that she should stop waving at boys because they were smelly, and she then told me she wanted a boyfriend. I started recording her responses because she is such a wee character – she is very much a sponge and absorbs everything that people say. The video has gone a bit mental – we got stopped in the supermarket yesterday by someone who had seen it. I never expected it to go this mad.”


2. Conan’s staff members’ kids are asked what their parents say about him.

This might be a fun one to do at the church… whaddaya think? Could be asking staff kids what their parents say about the pastor -or- asking church members’ kids what their parents say about the staff. If we did this, it would have to be fake like Conan’s because the truth would likely be too painful and awkward (and people might get fired).


3. Does Shake Shack or In-N-Out make a better burger?

I must say, I completely agree with this assessment. Also, I now need to travel to NY and LA. Right?


What about you? Do you have any fun to share? Hit me up with some links below in the comments…



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4 Comments to Friday Is For Fun (& Delicious Food)

  1. So now someone needs to take me out for a burger! hint hint- and what I really wanted to know what what he thought of the fries! I have my own favorite fry list: Red Robin (thick fries, good seasoning mix available at the table). 5 Guys with their spicy fries, and generous amounts. oh my goodness… yummo. Love the truffle fries at Smashburger- wowza.. (hey, didn’t they also have a bit of rosemary on them too?)


    • The Smashburger fries are rosemary olive oil and garlic (no truffle). The truffle fries you’re remembering come from a place called Larkburger (Colorado-based chain). They have truffle-parmesan fries that are amazing. Unfortunately their burgers are just OK.

      There’s this little bar across from the Starbucks Roastery on Capital Hill called Six Arms – they have sliders and truffle fries on their happy hour menu. I think you might like it. We’ll have to go for a date soon…

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