I Have To Tell You About These Two Things I Read This Week

When there are some particularly share-worthy posts that I read during the week, I save them for Sunday and do a couple shout outs – like…


amena brown owen post

This post, The Ministry of Disappointment by Amena Brown Owen. Here’s my favorite line: Then I grew up. I learned the painful way that sometimes, even when we pray and ask God, even when we quote back to God in our prayer the applicable scriptures, even when we walk around the object that we are praying for six times and play our trumpet on the seventh, God doesn’t always answer us the way we want him to. CONTINUE READING


aaron loy post

This post, What Would Jesus Tip by Aaron Loy. Here’s my favorite line: For the rest of us, may this serve as a sober reminder that the little things we do each day matter. They ripple outward impacting the lives of those around us, for better or worse. This means even the smallest acts are meaningful for they hold within them the potential to draw people closer to Jesus or to push them further away. CONTINUE READING


WHAT ABOUT YOU? What have you read this week that is worth sharing?


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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