Shouting About These Two Posts

It’s Sunday – and I like to give some shout outs (what I read online during the past week that I think is worth your time too). So, I’m shouting about these two posts…

jayson bradley post

This post, Love In The Time Of Ebola by Jayson D. Bradley. Here’s my favorite line: “Tragedy isn’t an opportunity to drum up hatred or animosity toward an idea or group. It’s an occasion to rise up and show our abiding faith that God is a stronghold for the oppressed (Psalm 9.9). How we rise to challenging times with faith and comfort for the afflicted, even when it comes at potential cost to us, is what points to our theology of divine service and our faith in a divine Servant.”


sarah bessey post

This post, A Memory Of Our True Home by Sarah Bessey. Here’s my favorite line: “All of the stuff, all of the things, all of the experiences, all of the good or the thrilling or sexy stuff in the world is a smokescreen of goodness. It’s an approximation of something real to convince every one else that we’re fine, we’re normal but really we’re walking around and we know the whole time that we don’t quite fit, we know something is off, we know we’re not where we belong.”


Did you read anything worth sharing? Share it!


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