These Are The Posts I Liked. Maybe You Will Like Them Too.

It’s Sunday and I’m sharing – these are the posts I liked (this past week). Maybe you will like them too…

eugene cho post

This post, “Overrated: The Hero Complex” by Eugene Cho. Actually, it’s a 2 minute video promoting his upcoming book – but still, I liked it (and I pre-ordered his book). Eugene Cho is a pastor of a great multi-cultural church in Seattle. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

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sarah bessey blog

This post, “We Underestimate The Foolish & Kind Ones: On Building The Kingdom Of God, Peace-Making, & Bridge Building” by Sarah Bessey. Be sure to follow her on Twitter! Here are a few of my favorite lines from Sarah’s post:

“To the world, it’s foolish to choose peace instead of war. It’s foolish to forgive. It’s foolish to be kind. It’s foolish to hope. It’s foolish to offer grace and conversation.

It’s foolish to care for your weaker brothers or sisters, let alone change our own behaviour to accommodate their growth and discipleship, their freedom and their journey.

It’s foolish to live without legalism and ‘clear boundaries’ that apply to everyone. It’s foolish to make it our business to pursue a quiet life. It’s foolish to lay down our power. It’s foolish to be silent and listen to others instead of rush to make our own point (after all we have things to say! important things!). It’s foolish to recognize your own privilege and walk softly. It’s foolish to believe that your life matters. It’s foolish to honor one another.”


zack hunt post

This post, “Thank You Kirk Cameron For Saving Christmas From Nothing” by Zack Hunt. Here’s Zack on Twitter. And my favorite lines from this snarky post: “I just wanted to offer a word of thanks. Because while this might not be the movie we need, it’s certainly the movie we deserve. So, thank you.

Thank you for calling out the commercialization of Christmas by making a for-profit movie.

Genius. It takes real creativity to expose the hypocrisy of those who would use Christmas as just another opportunity to make another buck by using Christmas as an opportunity to make another buck for yourself.”


jon wymer post

This post, “Theological Systems (a series of tweets)” by Jon Wymer. You probably want to follow Jon on Twitter. Here are my favorite lines from this post: “New Calvinist = read everything in terms of sin, while wearing cool clothes, read everything in terms of sin, while wearing debatably cool clothes (@jaybakker says ‘an unhealthy obsession with the pastoral epistles… but cool clothes is arguable’; @brab608 says, ‘Don’t forget the beer.’)”


matt b redmond post

This post, “Thursday’s Random Thoughts” by Matt B. Redmond. You can follow Matt on Twitter here. My favorite line from this post:

Jesus does not appear in the NT to care about protecting the brand.


NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: What did you read or watch or listen to online this past week that you liked and is worth sharing? Comment below.


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