List From Louise: This Will Keep Me Busy For The Rest Of My Life

Louise is a new friend of mine. She loves to read and travel, so we pretty much “get” each other. The other day, Louise shared a comment on my blog – actually, it was a list. She wasn’t giving me a to-do list; she was sharing hers.

Here’s what Louise said…

This will keep me busy for the rest of my life:

• Live what you preach – even at home
• Avoid religiosity – don’t be pompous
• Don’t judge other people’s mistakes – be kind and wise
• Don’t engage in financial gouging
• Don’t be miserly with money – give generously
• Don’t hurt children
• Don’t have a double standard for women
• Take special care of orphans and widows
• Be good to those who are poor
• Be willing to weep over the needs – spiritual and temporal – of your city
• Talk to God often – maybe not out loud on the bus
• Be ready for the unexpected, especially miracles

I love her list and told her I was going to steal it.

I’m curious, what additional things would be on your list?

Here’s what I would add to my own “this will keep me busy for the rest of my life” list:

• Look people in the eye and smile – be friendly
• Ask good questions – listen more than having something to say
• Don’t worry about judging the behavior of others – just pray about what you don’t like or understand


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

3 Comments to List From Louise: This Will Keep Me Busy For The Rest Of My Life

  1. Now that the list is twice posted, I’m going to have to formalize my commitment. Yep, it goes on the fridge, to be seen as many times a day as I must snack. :O)

  2. Doreen Dolleman

    I would add to my list: No Bible no breakfast- this we learned years ago from a former pastor, Julian Santos and have done it ever since.
    Always pray for someone at a red light. Keeps you from getting stressed about waiting.

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