Good Quesions Nobody Asks Me

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Dumb/Annoying Questions I Get Asked Repeatedly:

Did you know you’re balding? (*sigh*)

What happened to your eyebrows? (these are the ones I was born with—they exist, they’re just half invisible)

How come you didn’t want more kids? (did/do/tried/feel totally blessed to have a daughter)

Where is everybody? (evidently we don’t count as people you came here looking for)

Do you have a fantasy football team? (*sigh*)


Good Questions Nobody Asks Me:

Why do people buy mushy pickles? (wow, I’m stumped already!)

How can I pray for our church & pastors?

If I wanted to do something nice for our pastors, what would you recommend?

I’d like to “adopt” some young people in the church—which ones really are in need of some grandparents?

Why haven’t they invented a pickle jar that makes it easier to get the pickles out?

What are the 5 most impacting, life-changing books you’ve read?

What are some keys to staying in 1 place for a long time, being faithful, and finishing strong?

What do you hope our church looks like in 5 or 10 years?

How can I help you with that?


How about you?

What are the dumb/annoying questions you get asked repeatedly?

What are some good questions nobody asks you?


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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    • Thanks Maria!

      The church needs prayer – as we reach out to the hurting in our community – our resources are often stretched to the limits. Please pray for enough resources to match the vision (volunteers, food & product for giveaways, finances, etc).

      The staff could use prayer for their families – for health & strength. In particular, I’d like prayer for my mom as she battles cancer.

      Love ya Maria!

  1. Can I invite a friend to ______ youth event? (Yes. Always)

    I know the Bible says not to, but what do you think? (Imma go with the Bible)

    Are you going to eat that? (Hands off my plate)


    Who do I hand the camp scholarship check to? (Okay… I just want to hear this one more)

    I’d love to bless you & Stacey with a vacation, where do you want to go? (A guy can dream…)

    What isn’t being done that could get done if someone led the way?

  2. Annoying questions I get asked:

    Did you know you’re really tall? (Hmmm… I hadn’t noticed)
    Did you know your kids look just like your husband, and really nothing like you? (Trust me – they’re mine. I was there when they were born)

    Question I never get asked:

    Would you like to go on a shopping spree at Nordstrom – my treat?!?

    Question I don’t get asked enough:

    How can I be a part of sharing the love of Jesus with the kids at NWLife?

  3. Number one top question/statement perfect strangers ask/say to me…

    Me: Nice to meet you, my name is Penny (what can possible go wrong with this statement you ask?)

    Perfect stranger: You know, I used to have a dog named Penny? (Annoyingly big grin from stranger )

    …Honestly – how would you reply to that? In the 40+ years I’ve been alive I must have heard this over a 100 times and every time it still stumps me. I mean – really – I don’t think I know 6 people who have a dog and these 100 plus strangers all have a dog – and all with the same name???? What are the chances???

    Question no one ever asks me:

    How do you eat an oreo? (seriously this can tell you A LOT about a person)

  4. Annoying (but kinda funny) question :

    “Has anyone ever called you Genie in a bottle?” (only every day since the 1st grade)
    “Can I have 3 wishes?” (um – are you still IN 1st grade?!)

    Question I’d love to be asked :

    “Mom is it OK for me to do my OWN laundry?”
    “Would you like to borrow my book with all the secrets on raising teenagers?”

  5. Chris Cooper


    Are you from Australia? (Really, why is that always the first guess?)


    Do English people still live in mud huts like on braveheart? (I was genuinely asked this)
    Where in the US is England? (Again, genuine)

    Good Questions:

    Why do I believe this?/Why do I believe what I believe? Especially in regards to church and theology. It would be nice if more Christians could defend their beliefs/faith with good, informed answers.

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