A Day Of Unexpected Hugs

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Recently, my wife and I both noticed—and commented—on something…

On this particular day, we kept receiving unexpected hugs.

There are hugs you CAN expect.

They come from the same people and they’re really not much of a surprise.

This day was different. These hugs were a surprise.

We didn’t know most of the people.

We weren’t expecting it to be a huggy kind-of-day.

But it was.

You see, we threw a big party and were giving backpacks with school supplies to kids in our community.

A few thousand people showed up. The music was bumpin’ and the BBQ was fired up.

Popcorn and cotton candy was being handed out.

It was a fun party—all centered around GIVING.

We were GIVING food, a good time, and backpacks with school supplies…

And it caused an unexpected reaction: hugs.

This is why the Bible says, “A gift opens the way,” and “everyone is the friend of one who gives gifts.” (Proverbs 18.16, 19.6 NIV)

One of the quickest ways to redraw the lines and enlarge our circle of love is to GIVE.

Try it—and see what happens.


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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