Chuckle &/or Win Something

It’s Friday so I’m hoping to help you chuckle and/or win something – here we go…


1. FREE—Jute Drawstring Backpack With A Surprise Inside.

Just comment below and you will be automatically entered to win a jute drawstring backpack with a surprise inside. Two winners will be selected and announced tonight.

jute drawstring backpack bag

2. VIDEO—Things Kids Do That’d Be Creepy If An Adult Did Them.

YouTube Preview Image


3. VIDEO—John Krasinski Gets Pranked by Jimmy Kimmel.

YouTube Preview Image


4. VIDEO—Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem.

YouTube Preview Image


5. VIDEO—Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness: All is Right.

YouTube Preview Image


6. VIDEO—Gretsch Drums: Jazz vs Metal.

YouTube Preview Image


OK, like I said, winners will be announced tonight. Good luck and see ya next Friday for more fun and free stuff.

I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

6 Comments to Chuckle &/or Win Something

  1. Christopher Kueny

    Lol the guy in the creepy video that had the bald head and glasses totally made me think of you PB!

  2. Danielle Pridgen

    A mystery surprise in a jute bag, huh? Well sign me up!!! It better not be a surprise potato though…… Hehe

    That Oreo commercial gave me all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. By the way, this week I discovered a way to maximize my Oreo intake. Instead of my usual routine of dipping them one at a time in milk, and waiting 10 seconds for the perfect level of saturation. Now I just take a stack and give them a good smash on the counter, put the crumbles in a bowl, top with milk, and now I have maximum mouthfuls of soggy Oreos which can be eaten by the spoonful!!! That’s innovation if you ask me! :-D

    Have a great Friday everyone!!!

  3. vanessa estrada

    theses are hialious first i will say the creepy one is comedy the prank is awsome the oreo commerical makes me think i thought i was spacy but this is lalala land the foot locker thing if your are in to shoes i could see it as for the drums i was confused yet entertained =)

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