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Identifiably Strange (An Excerpt)

I wrote a book, which is coming out this month. The following is an excerpt…


Recently, while spending a month living in the Italian countryside, I was constantly aware of how much we stood out.

Our strangeness was completely obvious to the locals…

All three of us have blue eyes and pale skin.

We talk like cowboys. I never thought I sounded like a cowboy before, but after hearing an Italian say… Read More

I Wish We Were Weird Like That

I wish we Christians would be weird differently.

We’re all weird. I am, that’s for sure.

People generally think I’m weird when I talk about not liking white things that spread (mayo, miracle whip, sour cream, cream cheese).

Nobody agrees with me when I say, “I don’t like Tom Hanks as an actor.” Instead, people walk away thinking, “That guy is weird.”

And then I have this thing where I enjoy sleeping in jeans – not all the time, but sometimes it’s nice. My wife really thinks this is weird.

But I’m not talking about that kind of weird today.

Everybody has quirks. We’d all be pretty robotic and boring without our little idiosyncrasies.

I’m taking aim at Christians (in the U.S.) in general. We are known for certain patterns of weirdness… Read More