Thankful Notes: Something Probably Just of Interest to my Wife

Monday, August 19, 2019

I’m tired and have a nasty cold (after a busy week with Backpack Give and Sunday services), but still, I got up early and took Camper out. It’s a nice routine and I actually enjoy that she needs to go… because I get an early morning walk up the hill to the highest viewpoint on the lake.

And Camper is especially sweet in the morning when she first gets up.

Made coffee and sat outside reading for a bit. No hurry. My favorite.

I told Shari, “I think that’s my favorite outfit you’re wearing.” It’s a loose casual black T and some cropped jeans with a few little tears – nothing too dramatic, and her black Birkenstocks. She got all blushy and smiley and said, “I never would have known.”

A little later, around the time I thought Ashah might at least consider getting up, I started making breakfast – some roasted baby potatoes, bacon, eggs, and on my plate a few slices of tomato. When the food was ready, I poured some orange juice and took it up to her room. She was in the process of hitting snooze on her phone so I said, “Hey, breakfast for you” and she was quick to sit up and take the food.

After breakfast, I loaded the dish washer. I love our water pressure in this house. It’s amazing. Maybe the best I’ve ever experienced. And I love this “recirc. pump” our contractor suggested we add to the hot water tank when we moved it down to the basement – further away from our faucets… because it takes like 2 seconds for hot water to come out. Oh yes, one more thing at the kitchen sink: we now have the quietest garbage disposal of all time (I don’t know this to be true, but I assume it is – you have to pay close attention to hear anything from it).

I sat down and read some more and watched a Kingfisher on the neighbor’s dock. After a while, it flew away and made its distinct call. Probably because of the association with Eugene Peterson (he wrote a book called Kingfisher that I bought but haven’t read yet), I’ve decided it’s my favorite bird on the lake.

Went for a walk with Camper around the lake. I heard that mystery animal sound as we left our yard… it sounds like some weird blend of a cat meow and a bird call. It has a sad tone. It’s a “baa-baaaaaaaaaaooohhhw.” Someday I will discover what creature has been making that sound here.

Until then, I imagine it must be something rare and exotic.

On the trail, I noticed a woodpecker that was quite small and didn’t have a red mohawk or any red coloring. It was spotted or checkered – mostly dark with white spots. Looking it up later, it seems likely that it is a female Downy woodpecker.

The park was quiet. That’s how I like it, plus it’s much easier to walk Camper through it without 1,000 distractions for her.

At home I started another search for the bar stools I have in my mind, but still not having any luck. I heard a tap on the window behind me and my dad was standing there. I let him in and he looked around admiring the furniture and house. After a glass of water, we headed out for a(nother) walk around the lake.

As we walk, I ask questions and my dad answers. This is the pattern, our routine together. Then as we approached the sidewalk to the parking lot in the park, I tell him I will call later in the day. He pauses and says, “Your place is really beautiful Bry.” I say thanks and goodbye, and am thankful… I’m thankful that even with his declining memory, he remembers to be kind and caring.

I’m thankful he remembers me enough to affectionately shorten my name to Bry.

Back at home, after some back-and-forth e-mailing between a contractor, myself, and Shari, we have agreed on a plan to replace the decking on our house. It will be expanded with some room for outdoor dining. It will be modern and fit perfectly with the now black painted house. It will have a waterproof roof over a section of it. And I am so relieved it’s going to happen.

For lunch I had cold leftover steak (that’s the only way I will eat leftover steak) and golden beets with some butter.

I’m thinking about mowing the lawn later today. Probably will. But right now it’s nap time on our new couch… and when you go a full year without having a couch in your house, believe me, a couch in the house is like the best thing ever. Nap time!


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