Lent Day 24… Security Is Knowing You Are Not Alone

Charles M. Shulz, the cartoonist who gave us Charlie Brown and Snoopy, said:

I feel a constant gratefulness to God…

for His patience with me and with all of us.

I cannot fail to be thrilled every time I read the things that Jesus said, and I am more and more convinced of the necessity of following him. What Jesus means to me is this: In him we are able to see God, and to understand his feelings toward us.

Recently I published a little series of cartoons on┬áthe subject of security. Perhaps the way I feel about Christ is best told in the last cartoon of that series. Linus is kneeling with his arms on his bed, and the caption reads: “Security is knowing you are not alone.”


(from his book My Life With Charlie Brown)

charlie brown and snoopy

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