Wind of God

This is the sermon bumper from Sunday’s message – part 2 in our Untamed series, “Sails Up, The Wind Is Blowing.” It’s one of my favorites. Kinda felt like there was no need to preach after it – it would have been enough just to let that sink in…

Video & sound editing—Shaun Jones-Morford, voiceCierra Figaro, script—me, music—Sleeping At Last “Hearing”



Here’s the text…



Holy Spirit, Wind of God,

Creator and sustainer.


You bring everything into being

and hold every system

in perpetual motion.


You cover the earth,

fluttering across the surface of the waters,

teasing waves to roll.


You stir the dusty ground,

and give life to your children.

You raise the dead.


Spirit of God

fill us here today

with your presence and your power


Wind of God

breathe into our sails

and carry us in your ways.


And here’s the sermon: “Sails Up, The Wind Is Blowing”




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