Shouting But Not About The Super Bowl

I like to give some shout-outs on Sundays, sharing what I read online during the past week that I just can’t keep to myself.

So today I’m shouting, but not about the Super Bowl (mostly because my beloved Seahawks are taking a year off from participating in it).

Anyway, check out the following…

addie zierman post

1. This post by Addie Zierman, Size Up. Here’s my favorite line(s):

“See?” some wise voice says from the deep place of my heart. “You are too old and too awesome to wear things that don’t fit you.” 

And it’s about the jeans… and it’s not.

It’s about my body… and it’s not.

It’s about letting go of what doesn’t fit anymore, of who you used to be, of who you thought you might turn into.

(You are too old and too awesome for all that nonsense.)

In the mirror, the reflection you see is not one of failure but of courage as you expand, expand, expand more fully into yourself. // Read the full post here.


richard beck post

2. This post by Richard Beck, A Jesus Hobbyist. Here’s my favorite line(s):

And, incidentally, some seminarians in the high hurry condition literally stepped over the groaning person on the way to deliver their sermon on the Good Samaritan.

When I lecture over this study the point I make is this: Most of us Christians are Jesus hobbyists.

Hobbies are what we pursue during our free and leisure time. And the results of Darley and Batson’s study suggest that this is how many of us approach our faith. We approach Christianity as a hobby, as something we do if we have the time.

And so that’s what I challenge my students with.

Are you an actual follower of Jesus? Or are you a Jesus hobbyist? // Read the full post here (and be sure to read the “featured” comment below the post).


How about you? Did you read anything worth sharing this week? Shout it out!



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2 Comments to Shouting But Not About The Super Bowl

  1. I read this blog about giving bad news. It interested me because I work in health care:

    In that blog, Lauren Small quotes Oliver Sacks when he learned his time was limited: “Over the last few days,” he wrote, “I have been able to see my life as from a great altitude, as a sort of landscape, and with a deepening sense of the connection of all its parts.”

    I wondered what it would be like if I tried to live like this every day. If we all did. Let go of the small stuff and reach out for the big stuff.

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