Sundays Are For Sharing

Sundays are for sharing – so here are some shout-outs to three great writers: Carlos Rodriguez, Kathy Escobar, and Jason Isaacs. Please take a few minutes to read what they shared online this week…

carlos rodriquez post

1. This post: 9 Reasons Sinners Went To Jesus But Don’t Come To Us by Carlos Rodriguez.

Here’s my favorite line(s): “1. Because we complain. About politics, Obama, abortion, Islam, liberal media, sex, taxes and _____________. But honestly, who likes hanging out with whiny-complaining people? You can love them, but it’s hard to enjoy them.

Serious is not a fruit of the spirit; complaining was not part of the plan.

And notice how little Jesus had to say about the brutally corrupted empire He lived in…” continue reading HERE


kathy escobar post

2. This post: Sometimes We Just Need To Be Held by Kathy Escobar.

Here’s my favorite line(s): “I know men and women at The Refuge who, if they didn’t show up in community to get a hug, would go weeks and months and possibly years without being touched. This is one of the reasons I am always ranting and raving about the importance of in-the-flesh community.

We don’t need more places to go sing songs, listen to a pastor talk, and leave lonely and fragmented.

We need tangible places and safe spaces to be held…” continue reading HERE


jason isaacs post

3. This post: We Don’t All Fight The Same Battles by Jason Isaacs.

Here’s my favorite lines(s): “Biblical examples of how to respond to a sinful society show us that God’s strategy for influencing culture doesn’t always involve martyrs and war.

While Daniel refused to eat the king’s food, Esther slept in his bed. John the Baptist shouted repent while Jesus provided the alcohol for the wedding.

It’s ok to sound like John the Baptist, just don’t be angry when you’re beheaded by the people you’re shouting at.

It’s easy to mistake silence for compromise. I’m sure that’s how the Jews felt about Nehemiah when they found out he chose to hold the cup for the King of Persia as his career choice. But Joseph, Esther, and Nehemiah weren’t any less “Christian” because they were…” continue reading HERE


YOUR TURN: What did you read online this week that’s worth sharing? Comment below.



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