The following are a few posts I read this past week that I thought were particularly shareable. Hope you enjoy them too…


beauty in unexpected

This post from Andy Jones, Beauty In An Unlikely Place.


poor people

This post, Poor People And Their Bad Decisions, by Craig Greenfield.


the art of lamenting

And this one too: The Art of Lamenting, by Dan Lance.


OK, now it’s your turn. Did you watch or read anything online this past week that was shareable? Share it with me!


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

1 Comment to Shareable

  1. Danielle P.

    Well I think I commented on each of these blog posts. They were all so good.

    I hope it’s not cheesy but I’m sharing another one that I found while browsing on Andy Jones’ site. It’s kind if a share for his post, and kind of a share for the comments I posted. They were in reply to your comment as well. So, Um. Check that one out too. Lol. It’s about his “Scariest Moment in Ministry”

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