Good Reading This Week

On Today’s Sunday Shout Outs, I’m sharing four posts that are really good and worth reading. I hope you will…


osheta moore

This post, I Raise My Hands: A Prayerful Response To Ferguson, by Osheta Moore. Here’s my favorite line: “Today, I raise my hands because the truth is black lives matter and black kids don’t have to be college-bound for their deaths to be tragic.  I raise my hands for the truth that Jesus identified with the poor, broken, marginalized, and ignored.”


john pavlovitz

This post, Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You, by John Pavlovitz. Here’s my favorite line: “From what we know about Jesus, we think he looks like love. The unfortunate thing is, you don’t look much like him.”


richard beck post

This post, The Only Way I Know How To Save The World, by Richard Beck. Here’s my favorite line: “During services Jana and I sat with Moses. Moses is Black. And I drove Henry home after church. We listened to Tejano music. Henry is Hispanic. I am White. This is the body of Christ. Each of us in that church, despite our race and everything else that divides us, from gender to education to socioeconomic status, showing up to eat together, worship together and pray together.”


johan modig

This post, Why Swedes Take At Least 5 Weeks Of Vacation, by Johan Modig. Here’s my favorite line: “Even with this corporate-centric outlook (which is a sad outlook to have on life), however, it turns out skimping on vacation is actually bad for productivity. Putting in fewer hours tends to increase your output and efficiency during those hours, since your brain is able to stay focused and undistracted the entire time.”


NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Thoughts, comments, questions, arguments? And – did you read anything worth sharing this week?


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

2 Comments to Good Reading This Week

  1. Re the vacation taking, I was blessed with a good job that granted 2 weeks vacation right off the bat. No waiting around for a year or anything.

    And I was so mistaken that the work load was so heavy, maybe I should wait for a lull, maybe I should wait until I get a better hang of things to take vacation. So I have 3 weeks vacation piled up right now and I need a break so bad! I’m probably half as effective as I could be. But I can’t take time off now because we’re in the middle of a big project and I’m about to be gone for a month or so after I have a baby.

    I’m pretty peeved but trust me, I learned my lesson.

    And it translates to anything in life. I now know than when our marriage seems stuck in grind lock I better take a step back. I don’t need to hash out all the annoyances and problems. I probably need a massage and a glass of wine maybe buy lipstick. Then when I feel better things work out better.

    • Thanks for sharing Karelys! I’m glad you’re learning to take time – to step back and recharge. We all need it. Just recently, I apologized to an employee over their 2-week vacation policy. Basically, I said, “I don’t even believe that anymore. I’m sorry. 2-weeks is stupid. Have more. Serious – plan another vacation!” Haha. I think I made his day.

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