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Fridays are the best! Here’s some funny, fascinating, and free stuff to help make your Friday the best…



Just kidding. Sort of. But for realz, you can win a book or a CD or a surprise gift pack. All you need to do is comment below and you will be automatically entered to win. Winners will be announced tonight in the comment section of this post.



How much attention do we really pay when talking to someone? Would you notice if the person you were talking to switched out with someone else? Stuart Edge attempts the switch in this video. It’s fun. And kinda funny.

YouTube Preview Image



This documentary by Guiness highlights a fascinating group of men known as “Sapeurs” who participate in the Congolese sartorial subculture. Their bold choice to live an unexpected lifestyle is a source of celebrated originality and positivity.

YouTube Preview Image



Meet Didga, an Australian cat who rides a skateboard.

YouTube Preview Image



Here’s a shot of Verrückt at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn. It is set to be the World’s tallest waterslide; opening Summer 2014. Would you ride it? Not me, no thanks.

YouTube Preview Image


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8 Comments to Funny, Fascinating, And Free

  1. That waterslide is so steep that I’d be afraid I’d just accidentally flip over the edge. No way- not unless I had to save my daughter’s life to do it.

  2. Ame Goodman

    I would have to watch a few people go on it before I made my decision. It looks incredibly fun, but with such a steep drop there has to be some impact at the bottom.

  3. Bryan Stanton

    I would definitely do the Verrukt! Did you see the video going around FB a few weeks ago of the ride in Austria that mimicked a bobsled run? It is a helmet cam video that is amazing. I will try to find it and forward it to you.

  4. Bryan Stanton

    Check it out on YouTube – Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes!!) I would go to Austria just for that!

    • Shari and Ashah have done the luge at the base of Blackcomb (Whistler) a couple of times. They fell out once. I stood & watched both times.

      I didn’t know you were an adrenaline junkie Bryan.

  5. Bryan Stanton

    Not so much a junkie, but if it’s really fast, and in a controlled environment like a waterslide or a roller coaster (‘safe’ crazy), I’m all in. I have a fear of heights, so bungee jumping doesn’t really interest me, but sky diving is on my bucket list (being up that high doesn’t seem to bother me, maybe because the ground is so far away my brain doesn’t translate it as an eminent threat).

  6. Oops. Was out late last night & wasn’t around my computer. So I’m announcing a winner on Saturday for Friday Fun & Free Stuff…

    Congrats Ame Goodman!

    Thanks everyone.

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