A Challenge & A Prayer For Us From Paul Scanlon

In the final service of the day (on Sunday, May 18th) Paul Scanlon concluded his message with a challenge and a prayer for us…


That little 1% that makes you different from everyone else is what society and education is not good at helping you find – because there is comfort in safety and sameness.

But you’re not on the planet for your sameness, you’re on the planet for your difference.

It’s your difference, it’s this church’s difference, that is why you’re here. If you’re just the same as every other church, we might as well just pack it in and join them. What is your difference? What is it about this church that’s different? What are you offering different to this community?


Father, I thank you for NWLife Church. I thank you for Brian and Shari and the team around them. Thank you for the dream and the big idea that they have to build a 21st century, relevant church here…

to build something that doesn’t live for itself, but lives for the one that’s still missing.

I pray for health and strength upon them. I pray for wisdom and I pray for connection and I pray for relationships and resources that help them move to the next level where they know they need to go. Whether that requires land or property or finances or ideas or someone’s phone number or someone’s way of getting a thing done that they can’t see how to get it done – Lord, whatever it is that they need to continue to thrive and flourish…

that for the second half of this year they will see and sense an acceleration in things happening in this next six months that they didn’t think could happen for perhaps six years.

I pray you will grace them and you would bless them with some divine interventions, with some divine surprises, as you bless this house, this family, this church, and help them to continue to make a difference to this community and the region beyond.

I thank you for this family, for this house. I pray your blessing and your favor and your love and your companionship and your closeness and your faithfulness and your friendship towards these people…

The best is yet to come. In Jesus’ name.

paul scanlon in office talking with me


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