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Here are the best bits of the web from this past week – stuff I enjoyed and thought was worth passing on to you


seven lies Stephen Mattson

This post from Stephen Mattson, “7 Lies About Christianity – Which Christians Believe.” This is excellent.


zack hunt bakery post

This post by Zack Hunt, “Here’s The Thing About That Bakery That Won’t Serve A Gay Couple…” I love this line from Zack’s post: “Here’s the thing about that bakery that won’t serve a gay couple… Serving a gay couple isn’t against his Christian faith. But not serving them is.”


love your pastors kids ryan huguley

This post by Ryan Huguley, “5 Ways To Love Your Pastor’s Kids.” If you did all these things, that’d be so awesome.
YouTube Preview Image
This video, “The Power of Empathy,” featuring Dr Brené Brown.
HOW ABOUT YOU? Did you read or see anything online worth sharing?

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  1. Danielle Pridgen

    I also came across that post by Stephen this week.
    The post by Zach was great truth. After I read it I said out loud, “F yeah, Zach!!!”
    And I love anything by Brené Brown, she’s a great mentor for me. She makes a good description of empathy vs. sympathy in that video. Just watched it for the first time, but I saw it being shared a lot this week on fb.
    Christian culture usually seems to want to master “sympathy” -I think because it doesn’t require exposing one’s own weakness. But “empathy” is better. We should work on that more. It’s not a bad thing to say, “I know how hard it can be to go through depression, because I’ve struggled with it too. You’re not alone in experiencing this. I’m here for you, and I will not judge you for the way you feel.” Like she said, it builds connection, which helps way more than just sympathetic words, “That sadness sounds pretty intense. At least you still have a house and a job though, I mean, that’s something to be thankful for, and Happy about! Just cheer up and focus on things that you appreciate. It will pass if you think about other things, and other people instead of focusing on your problems.”

    Has anyone seen Brene’s “TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability”? It’s a great starter to the things she teaches about.

    K, I’m going to share 2 things.

    This article by Roger Wolsey “Jesus’ mom was a punk.”

    And this one about not living according to our limitations. “Sunday Morning Sermon: A Lesson From A Down Syndrome Restaurant Owner”

  2. I totally loved the video on empathy! Danielle, thanks for posting about the other one. I’ll search her out now. I love getting new leads on great teachers.

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