2 Things I Would Change

Listen in on this short conversation with Andy Jones and myself – we talk about looking back on our years of ministry and what we would change if we could…



PS: Here’s the video of the youth pastor who tried to say “Pitched his tents” but messed it up. And here’s a bonus video of another pastor who had a blooper during his altar call.



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2 Comments to 2 Things I Would Change

  1. Greg Ehrlich

    I remember you giving an altar call about 15 years and Levi on worship team having a new keyboard he didnt know quite how to use. One of those nasty, old corny Casios. Anyway, you’re giving the altar call and Levi is supposed to be playing mood music, and instead he triggers the LOUDEST fake horn arpeggio right when you are talking about asking Jesus in. That was a good blooper.

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