Fun & Free Stuff Here—Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday! Here’s some fun & free stuff for you to enjoy…


#1. FREE BOOK—Greater by Steven Furtick.

If you don’t love Steven Furtick, there’s probably something wrong with you (just thought I’d throw that out there). This book was just released! Be the first one to comment on this blog post & I’ll send you a copy (scroll down to the bottom of this page to comment).


#2. FREE BOOK—Pharisectomy: How To Joyfully Remove Your Inner Pharisee & Other Religiously Transmitted Diseases by Peter Haas.

This is a new book—one I just read (and thoroughly enjoyed). It’s funny and it will challenge you. Be the first one to comment on this blog post & I’ll send you a copy (scroll down to the bottom of this page to comment).


#3. BIG BLESSING FOR LITTLE MAN—Angela Hagebush’s blog.

This story will make you smile and maybe even shed a tear… it will definitely make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Read it HERE.


#4. VIDEO—Kiwi Bacon.

I’m not bacon-crazy (meaning I’m not gonna wear a back t-shirt or purchase bacon-flavored toothpaste or bacon-scented cologne). I am crazy about this bacon commercial though.

YouTube Preview Image


#5. VIDEO—Ryan Gosling.

This is from his early work…

YouTube Preview Image


#6. VIDEO—Pogo Dudes.

My sister & I had pogo sticks when we were kids. I don’t remember doing this with them.

YouTube Preview Image



See you next Friday for more fun & free stuff!

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9 Comments to Fun & Free Stuff Here—Happy Friday!

  1. Christine Welker

    Hey PB,

    I’d love a book if you have one. Specifically the removing your inner pharisee.Thanks for posting these.


  2. Erica Jones thinks you’re secretly a huge Ryan Gosling fan – is it true?

    Thanks for the re-post :)

    Oh and I haven’t read the Pharisectomy book yet… just putting that out there.

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