Love Won’t Keep A Safe Distance

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A man with an advanced case of leprosy approached Jesus and begged for healing.

How did Jesus respond?

He didn’t get out his travel-size Purell and start sanitizing.

He didn’t keep a safe distance.

He didn’t run.

Instead, He did the unthinkable…

He reached out and touched the leprous, infectious skin of that man.

He touched him and said, “Be healed”.

The man was instantly healed.

When Jesus touched the leper, He didn’t catch leprosy—the leper received what Jesus had: healing and wholeness.

This is how God works: He won’t keep a safe distance from you.

He’s not moving away from you—He’s coming to you.

And you’re never too messed up for Him.

When we love God and are filled with His love for people, we won’t keep a safe distance either…

Because love crosses boundaries.

It jumps over barricades.

It redraws the line of our circle to add and include.

Love won’t keep a safe distance.



I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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