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Shouting But Not About The Super Bowl

I like to give some shout-outs on Sundays, sharing what I read online during the past week that I just can’t keep to myself.

So today I’m shouting, but not about the Super Bowl (mostly because my beloved Seahawks are taking a year off from participating in it).

Anyway, check out the following…

addie zierman post

1. This post by Addie Zierman, Size Up. Here’s my favorite line(s):

“See?” some wise voice says from the deep place of my heart. “You are too old and too awesome to wear things that don’t fit you.” 

And it’s about the jeans… and it’s not.

It’s about my body… and it’s not.

It’s about letting go of what doesn’t fit anymore, of who you used to be, of who you thought you might turn into.

(You are too old and too awesome for all that nonsense.)

In the mirror, the reflection you see is not one of… Read More

Shouting About These Three

On Sundays I like to share, you know, a few shout-outs. So today I’m shouting about these three… great posts I appreciated this past week. Hope you enjoy!

Amena Brown POST

1. This post: What To Do When The Idea Won’t Show Up by Amena Brown. Here’s my favorite line(s):

“Creative ideas are funny creatures. They are more like cats than puppies.

They will most likely not jump up and down when they see you; tail wagging, wanting your attention.

They notice when you arrive at the page/screen/studio, walk by you, rub against your leg, and then jump on the kitchen counter, then on top of the refrigerator and stare at you. Laughing. Proving to you that you will not control them.”

Amena continues with a few practical points on what to do when… Read More

Availability, Vulnerability, & The Fragility of Presence

On Sundays, I like to give a few shout-outs – sharing with you what I enjoyed online this past week. Here are two excellent posts worth your time:

nathan foster post

1. This Post: Practicing Availability & Vulnerability by Nathan Foster. Here’s my favorite line(s): A quote from my friend Robert speaks so strongly and deeply to my predicament:

“Busyness is greed.”

By filling my life with events, activities, and responsibilities that far exceed the boundaries God has set for humans to function well, I am being greedy. Greedy for… Read More

The Good Stuff

This is the good stuff – what I read online this week… and read again. So I’m sharing:


nish post

1. We Are Made In The Image Of God And We Are Women by Nish Weiseth. Here’s my favorite line(s): “We are given the same commandments and the same marching orders, to love God, love others and fulfill the great commission. We are working to advance the same Kingdom that worships the same Jesus.”

And you cannot understand or comprehend the fullness of the image of God without us.


carlos rodriguez post

2. Who’s The Racist? by Carlos Rodriguez. Here’s my favorite line(s): ”

For me it looks like cooking a Puerto Rican meal for my African-American neighbor while we talk about British culture. For us, it’s the combination of hundreds of little acts of love. We could spend days talking about what the white police, or the black community or the latino leaders… Read More

Shouting About Beautiful Art

Sundays are for sharing and shouting – that’s the point of these shout-outs – I want to share what I found to be particularly fascinating, beautiful, and shout-worthy online this past week…

liz vice post

1. This Song: Empty Me Out by Liz Vice.

YouTube Preview Image


sarah bessey post

2. This post: The Sanitized Stories We Tell by Sarah Bessey. Here’s my favorite line(s): “I feel like we give out gold stars to people who get over things quickly. And like any former evangelical over-achiever I wanted my gold star.

We want people to heal on a timeline. Yes, yes, that’s terrible but aren’t you over it yet?

It makes me wonder how… Read More

The Good Kind of Shouting

It’s Sunday again – time for the good kind of shouting – some shout outs. Here’s what I enjoyed online this past week:


anne-marie heckt post

1. This post: We’re Meant To Be Swimming In The Deep by Anne-Marie Heckt.
My favorite line(s): “My thoughts drifted to the One who knows me. Who gets me. Better than any other ever, ever could. Water is an elemental love. Sky might be yours. Or loud noises, or wet rain, or heat that cracks the bones, or dancing in the motes of a sunrise. Or reading words and letting them bubble into and over you like champagne.

All of that beauty feeds us and it comes from the One who knows us.

We are meant to be out there, deep, swimming. Not clinging to the shore. Time spent in that beauty is not… Read More

Sundays Are For Sharing

Sundays are for sharing – so here are some shout-outs to three great writers: Carlos Rodriguez, Kathy Escobar, and Jason Isaacs. Please take a few minutes to read what they shared online this week…

carlos rodriquez post

1. This post: 9 Reasons Sinners Went To Jesus But Don’t Come To Us by Carlos Rodriguez.

Here’s my favorite line(s): “1. Because we complain. About politics, Obama, abortion, Islam, liberal media, sex, taxes and… Read More

Yay Internet! It’s Been a Good Week.

On Sundays I like to share what I thought was particularly good on the Internet from the week.  So here they are – from my screen to yours – a few shout-out-worthy posts…

shallow small group post

This post: Shallow Small Group Bible Study from Here’s my favorite line: “Some people say we’re superficial. But, hey, the word ‘super’ is in superficial. I mean, who doesn’t want to be… Read More

Sunday Shout Outs

Here’s what I really enjoyed reading online this past week…

sarah schwartz post

This post, I Need To Hear From Women, by Sarah Christine Schwartz.

My favorite line(s):

I need to see the daughters of Mary operating in the dignity that was given to them at the tomb as the first people to carry the message of the gospel. 

I have a deep love and high regard for the men who have taught me from the pulpit and the lectern—I’ve needed and need them, too. But I don’t ever think there is going to be a lack of their voices in my life to tell me about Jesus. 

I need a… Read More