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Guest Post: Shari Dolleman “Scars Speak”

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Brian worked with animals at a Veterinary Hospital for years and he has the scars to prove it. On his arm, hand, and even on his face.

You might guess I think the scars are ugly, or make him look like a damaged person—but to tell you the truth, I love them.

Scars mark the territory we’ve experienced together.

Brian and I were newly married when the dog bit him and the cat clawed his face. Something about those scars are beautiful to me. They tell our story together. I know what it took to heal from them.

I’m drawn to the brokenness in people. The pain, the suffering draws me in.
I think that might be how the Father feels about his kids. I can picture Him saying something like this, “Oh honey, let me see, let me look at it. I’ll fix you up. This might sting a little, it might hurt a bit, but we need to tend to that so it can heal.”

This is what I love about our Heavenly Father—that he is our great healer!

Life does not promise to be easy or without suffering. In fact, Jesus said, “In this life you will suffer, but to be of good cheer because I have overcome it.”

I wish I could have gotten pregnant again, but I know that struggle has produced some good things in me.

Sometimes people say adversity makes you stronger. I don’t know about that, but I would say it makes you softer. Even if it’s not the pain of infertility that someone is dealing with, I think any loss or dream unfulfilled is something I’ll understand a little better as a result of what we’ve walked through.
Jesus being our great healer offers us comfort, peace, and restoration. It’s as if he is saying, “No problem, Shari, I can clean this up and fix what’s broken. This is what I’m good at. In fact it’s my specialty.”

Why wouldn’t I run to the one who heals my wounds?

Scars speak to my past and how God has been there through all of it. When people ask about these marks, it’s a great chance to tell them the story of God’s healing, restoring work in our lives.

Pain speaks. We can learn from it. Don’t run from it. God is there—holding you, comforting you. You’re safe with Him, you’re safe here.