NWLife Weekly Conversation—The New Norm

Here is our sixth NWLife video podcast featuring our weekly conversation.

Today’s theme: The New Norm.

Today, we are inviting you to participate in receiving communion with your church family. Pastor Andy, along with Georgia Carlton and Sean Flaherty, will be leading us as we take the bread of life and the cup of the new covenant together.

I hope you will  gather your family to watch the video (if you have little ones who don’t have an attention span for the entire video, at least bring them in for the worship song and communion).

Bailey Thorpe sings an opening song in today’s episode—and Bailey and Shaun Jones sing How Great The Father’s Love just before Pastor Andy leads us in communion.

In our conversation, Sean Flaherty shares his story of loss and addiction and struggle to adjust to the new normal.

sean for post

“Here’s a family of friends together, gathered around tradition and food, but only Jesus knows what’s really happening… and what lies ahead. He can see through the thinness of normality to the fearful overturning to come. He can look without anger, and only with love, on these men who will fail him. He knows how fragile they are. When the illusion of permanence and order melts away, fear comes first. Jesus knows we’re afraid of the unknown and seized by the natural impulse for self-preservation, but he also knows that this too will pass. We become ourselves again and find God’s strength and compassion.” —Anna Magnusson

Scottish Paraphrase #30

God shall appear

And we shall rise with gladness in his sight

His coming like the morn shall be

Like morning songs, his voice


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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