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Celebrate The Victory And Embrace The Burden

My church celebrates MLK Day each year. Yesterday, our friend Tiffany Bluhm spoke in all three services. She’s an immigrant – adopted from an orphanage in Delhi, India and raised by a white family in an all-white community (for the first 10 years of her life). Tiffany and her husband Derek adopted their son Jericho from Uganda in 2013. She’s passionate about the subjects of race, reconciliation, and justice.

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In the morning service, while talking about the Martin Luther King holiday, she said:

I hope you don’t just binge-watch HGTV tomorrow on MLK day. Celebrate the victory… and embrace the burden.

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Can We Speak Honestly About “Christian” Movies?

I have a confession to make: I don’t like “Christian” movies. I mean the ones that are trying to sell tickets en masse to the Christian population. There are many wonderful films with storylines that portray the Gospel (films like Selma and Calvary), but aren’t wearing the “Christian” label or marketing to the Christian audience.

So, can we speak honestly about “Christian” movies?

They’re overwhelmingly terrible. Lacking in beauty and imagination. Hard to describe as art.

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