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Availability, Vulnerability, & The Fragility of Presence

On Sundays, I like to give a few shout-outs – sharing with you what I enjoyed online this past week. Here are two excellent posts worth your time:

nathan foster post

1. This Post: Practicing Availability & Vulnerability by Nathan Foster. Here’s my favorite line(s): A quote from my friend Robert speaks so strongly and deeply to my predicament:

“Busyness is greed.”

By filling my life with events, activities, and responsibilities that far exceed the boundaries God has set for humans to function well, I am being greedy. Greedy for… Read More

Didn’t Have To Run

Yesterday, my wife was asking me about my younger years of rebellion—my “prodigal son” days. She wondered how far away from God I felt like I was back then…

Did you believe you had run away from God? Did you see yourself as truly on the outside, no longer part of the family of God?

It didn’t take me long to answer. Yes, I did.

Back then, I didn’t have such a generous view of the family of God.

What I understood from the teaching of the church at that time was clear: Do those things, and you are not part of us. More specifically, do those things, and you are not part of Him… Read More