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The Me Who Isn’t Performing… Do I Like Him?

Acting is all about faking things…  —John Cleese

I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night – and he had a famous starlet / actress / singer on the show. The first few minutes of her interview was OK, but I kept thinking she seemed uncomfortable. At times, her voice was a bit shaky.

Then, they did a fun bit called “Wheel of Musical Impressions” where you spin the dial and it “randomly” gives you a song to sing and an artist to impersonate. For example, Jimmy Fallon got “I’m a Little Tea Pot” in the style of Dave Matthews. His guest got “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the style of Fetty Wap and “Spongebob Squarepants” in the style of Christina Aguilera.

She nailed it. I mean, she performed with confidence, gusto, soul… it was impressive and funny and attention-grabbing. She is obviously a performer.

Something about the whole interview struck me: there was a notable change in confidence or comfortability with being herself -vs- performing.

She was visibly more comfortable performing.

I’ve noticed this before on late-night show interviews and… Read More

Availability, Vulnerability, & The Fragility of Presence

On Sundays, I like to give a few shout-outs – sharing with you what I enjoyed online this past week. Here are two excellent posts worth your time:

nathan foster post

1. This Post: Practicing Availability & Vulnerability by Nathan Foster. Here’s my favorite line(s): A quote from my friend Robert speaks so strongly and deeply to my predicament:

“Busyness is greed.”

By filling my life with events, activities, and responsibilities that far exceed the boundaries God has set for humans to function well, I am being greedy. Greedy for… Read More

Expert-Delusion & Ivory Towers

Have you ever seen a large ship – like a cruise ship – use its propulsion jets to turn around in the relatively shallow waters of a port? The force of water blasting through the jets stirs up everything…

And what was once beautiful, crystal-clear, blue ocean water now becomes murky-brown, as if someone had turned water into a fishy-smelling pumpkin spice latte.

That’s what the comment section of YouTube does too. Blasting. Stirring up. Leaving behind murky-brown, fishy-smelling nastiness. People will say things online that they would never say to someone’s face – certainly not to someone they have a relationship with and actually care about.

Christians do this too. Facebook and other streams of social media have become… Read More