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Her Words

Last week, I asked for my wife’s thoughts on how the Kingdom of God is a celebration. She wrote some things down and gave them to me. These are her words…

We’re all uniquely, beautifully created by God. All His children. Brothers and sisters – part of the same family.

We celebrate the beauty of God in one another – every time we encounter someone – whether it be a… Read More

Things I Dislike About Ministry Pt. 2

- - Life With God

Are you interested in the full time ministry? You might want to enroll in some acting classes. There’s quite a bit of acting that goes into being a pastor or ministry leader in the church.

We act like we didn’t see that movie.

We act like we don’t know that Miley Cyrus / Kanye West / Lady Gaga song.

We act like we’ve already learned every one of life’s most important lessons.

We act like there’s a solid Bible answer for every question.

We act like we believe everything we preach… Read More

Spin & My Ego

- - Life With God

My ego really REALLY really likes my own spin.

In the same way my taste buds become elated when I give them Nutella, my ego responds with a happy dance every time I spin my story.

It’s like a perpetual cycle of feeding and reward…

Feed myself Nutella and I am rewarded with good feelings. Spin my story and I am rewarded with a happily expanding ego. It’s all rather addicting. Like Usher says… Read More