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Where The Kingdom Of God Is Located

I love what Richard Beck has to say about the Kingdom of God…

Jesus is telling us in the Beatitude where the Kingdom of God is located.

And it’s located Jesus says, among the poor in spirit.

Christianity is fundamentally about learning to see.
 That is what Jesus said, over and over.
 The Kingdom is near. The Kingdom is at hand. The Kingdom is in your midst.

But the Kingdom is small and unnoticed, like a… Read More

The Christian Label On People & Places & Things

In my years of growing up in my church’s youth ministry, I heard this question repeatedly, “Is it Christian?”

It was asked about cassette tapes and then CD’s.

It was asked about video games.

It was asked about movies.

It was asked about roller skating rinks.

If whatever we were evaluating did have the label “Christian” on it, then the green light of acceptability was given and we could enjoy the thing.

If it wasn’t “Christian,” it probably wasn’t going to be acceptable… Read More