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NWLife Weekly Conversation—Never Losing Hope—Louise Hoy’s Story

Here is our twentieth NWLife video podcast featuring our weekly conversation.

Today’s theme: Never Losing Hope

Today, Shari and I sit down with our good friend Louise Hoy to hear another part of her story… one from early in her life that includes abandonment, abduction, and abuse—emotional, physical, and sexual **trigger warning – this episode contains stories of childhood physical and sexual abuse.**

Miraculously, Louise never lost hope. She is a survivor. And God used what others meant for her harm to be turned into something redemptive and good.

This video also includes worship led by Georgia Carlton and our band.

I hope you will take 35 minutes to join us for some church today!

“We who follow Jesus are working in wounds, working with wounds, and working through wounds.” —Willie James Jennings

Confusing Anger With Kindness

I read this poem by Rupi Kaur that spoke to me as a man, a father of a daughter, and a pastor.

*     *     *     *

to fathers with daughters

every time you

tell your daughter

you yell at her

out of love

you teach her to confuse

anger with kindness

which seems like a good idea

till she grows up to

trust men who hurt her

cause they look so much

like you

*     *     *     *

I am thankful for this poem.

It reminds me that… Read More