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Do You Have A Donnie?

Tony Anderson is a successful composer who is welcoming an extra push outside of himself from an unlikely friend: Donnie. This video with Tony teaches us to embrace interruptions and trash our stuffy/competitive/deadline driven perspectives. I hope his story helps you love the people around you a little more freely… Read More

Opal’s Warning

Opal Covey is the cuckoo lady (and self-proclaimed prophetess) who believes God chose her to be the mayor of Toledo. Her campaign slogans? “Remove the curse” and “Opal Covey for mayor – a miracle worker.” She’s run for office 5 times now – and the election results are in for her most recent attempt…

She came in dead last with 1% of the vote.

opal remove the curse opal a miracle worker

Prior to the election, she was interviewed by the local news station. During the interview, she claimed that she actually won a previous election, but votes were stolen from her. Then she gave a warning:

“Great destruction will come upon… (speaking in tongues for quite a while) …Thank you, Jesus. That was a confirmation. If people don’t give me… Read More

Shouting About Beautiful Art

Sundays are for sharing and shouting – that’s the point of these shout-outs – I want to share what I found to be particularly fascinating, beautiful, and shout-worthy online this past week…

liz vice post

1. This Song: Empty Me Out by Liz Vice.

YouTube Preview Image


sarah bessey post

2. This post: The Sanitized Stories We Tell by Sarah Bessey. Here’s my favorite line(s): “I feel like we give out gold stars to people who get over things quickly. And like any former evangelical over-achiever I wanted my gold star.

We want people to heal on a timeline. Yes, yes, that’s terrible but aren’t you over it yet?

It makes me wonder how… Read More

Fun & Fascinating. Because Friday.

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My daughter has been complaining about the lack of “Fun Friday” posts, so… this is for her. Maybe you’ll like it too.


1. VIDEO—Confusing Question of the Day.

Jimmy Kimmel’s team went out on the street asking people this question: “In light of the recent stock market crash, Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall around Wiz Khalifa to protect Americans from anchor babies. Despite the Iranian nuclear deal, do you also support his proposal’s plan to lower taxes, giving way to newer, better emojis even if it thwarts Harry Styles’ efforts abroad?” That question doesn’t make any sense at all, but that didn’t stop people from… Read More