Lent Day 40… The Old Guard

The old guard… that’s the group that always uses fear to keep themselves employed or in power.

They make change out to be the big bad wolf (or antichrist or whatever). This is actually who was most threatened by Jesus, and this is who killed him. It wasn’t anarchists or the liberals or the foreigners or the outsiders.

Fear can never sustain motivation… attempting to keep people afraid of hellfire hasn’t kept them in church. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten: “It’s the kindness of God that leads us to repentance.”

Anyway, I’m encouraged by what I see in the younger generation (like you) – there is a richness, depth, a hunger for something more than trite religion and clichés.

So, I salute you. Keep reading, learning, growing.

And please—for the love of God—keep being you.


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

5 Comments to Lent Day 40… The Old Guard

  1. And may God pour His kindness and goodness over my children, to lead them to repentance and return. Especially poignant after a very quiet Easter.

    • God is at work – even when we don’t see or sense the work, in the dark times and silent times. Resurrection comes while we are still grieving, wondering, running scared, scratching our heads in confusion, and thinking to ourselves “God, where have you gone? And why have you abandoned me?” I’m praying for your beautiful family Cathy.

      • Yes, we love you Cathy and see all the beautiful that you have poured and continue to pour into the world around you. You are genuine and real. This is what the world needs. We love you!!

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