Michael Hidalgo On The Descent

Our last sermon series at church was called DESCENT. It was one of my favorites – I really loved addressing themes like “honoring doubt,” and “cultivating creativity” and “embracing pain.”

Pastor Michael Hidalgo, in this 2 minute video, does an excellent job of summarizing the path of DESCENT that Jesus leads us on…

You have this person of Jesus who 2,000 years later is still compelling to a western world that’s based on a path of ascent. And yet, He’s reversed that entire thing.

“…that’s the mystery that’s contained in the heart of God and is displayed in the person of Jesus… that death brings life, that losing wins, that being below is actually what brings you to a place of exaltation. That’s to me, so counter-intuitive and so backward – and yet it’s played for thousands of years, and that… is one of the most compelling things about Jesus.”

Watch it:


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  1. louise greisen

    This rang so true to my heart. At this Lenten season I have been studying a book by Alicia Britt Cole call 40 DAYS OF DECREASE, a Different Kind of Hunger. A different Kind of Fast.

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