We Can’t Change The Whole World. But We Can Be The Weird Ones…

Late last night, my daughter came downstairs with tears & sat on my lap. I held her & asked what was wrong (she’s 15, & honestly, I thought it would be about a boy). She said:

“Our world is so messed up.”

I squeezed her tighter, brushed the hair from her face. No answers. No solutions. This daddy can’t fix anything. But I can be with her & share in the sorrow.

I spoke tentatively, slowly… “Yes, that’s right. It pretty much always has been. And we can’t change the whole world.”

But we can be the weird ones, the few who love & don’t hate—who aren’t violent & aren’t racist—who help bring people together.

She nodded in agreement & we just sat there.

I love my weird, little family.

* * *

God favors…

the poor
the mourners
the meek, gentle
the hungry-for-justice
the merciful
the pure-hearted
the peace-makers
the persecuted
the mocked, insulted, slandered

Matthew 5.3-11


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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