God Was A Lot Younger Than I Had Expected

A story… a fable.

Once there was a little boy who learned that God loved him and would be his friend.

One morning he became very angry with his mother. He pulled his wagon into the kitchen and began to fill it with food. He chose two root beers, a half eaten box of crackers, a cheese stick, a kiwi fruit, and two apple-snacks.

“I am leaving,” he told his mother. “I’m going to find God who will be my friend.” His mother wisely let him go, watching him from the upstairs window.

The little boy walked part way down the block to the bus stop and came upon an old woman sitting there. He pulled his wagon up and sat beside her swinging his legs.

He looked at the old lady and smiled. She smiled back.

The boy got down from his seat on the bench and took a root-beer and handed it to the lady. She smiled a big smile and opened the root beer. He opened one for himself and put the box of cheese crackers between them.

Every now and then, he would smile a big smile at the lady and she would smile back. A bus passed and didn’t stop. The boy gave the woman an apple snack. She smiled at him and ate it.

Slowly the two made their way through all the food.

The little boy sat a while longer and then looked at the old lady and smiled again. She smiled back as he packed up the wagon and started to walk home.

When the little boy got home, his mother asked him “Did you find God, son?”

“Yes” he replied “and she sure does smile a lot.”

Meanwhile, the old lady hobbled home to a house that was owned by her daughter and husband. At dinner, they asked her “What did you do today?”

“I met God” she said “and He was a lot younger than I had expected.”


I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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