Particularly Share Worthy

I read lots of stuff online this past week – and found these posts to be particularly share worthy…


benjamin corey post

This post, 5 Ways You Can Spot a Jesus Follower by Benjamin Corey. I love all 5 of his points – but this one really makes me smile: “A Jesus follower likes to talk about him, but they do it in such a way that it causes you to want to know more, not less.


craig johnson post

This post, Be Different Not Better by Craig Johnson from the Matchstic Blog. Craig describes the evolution of energy drink brands and draws this conclusion, “Next time you’re trying to figure out what makes you better than the competition, stop yourself and start trying to figure out what makes you different.”


tullian tchivdjian blog

This post, You’re Not OK & That’s OK by Tullian Tchividjian. In typical Tullian fashion, he preaches undiluted grace in this post. I found this line to be liberating: “The gospel frees us from trying to impress people, appease people, measure up for people, or prove ourselves to people. The gospel frees us from the burden of trying to control what other people think about us. It frees us from the miserable, unquenchable pursuit to make something of ourselves by using others.”


NOW YOUR TURN: What did you read online recently that is share worthy?


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