A Joyful Mind

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In his book The Naked Now, Richard Rohr asks, “What might a joyful mind be?” 

Here are some of his answers…

  • When your mind does not need to be right.
  • When you no longer need to compare yourself with others.
  • When your mind can be creative, but without needing anyone to know.
  • When you can live in contentment with whatever the moment offers.
  • When your mind does not need to be in charge, but can serve the moment with gracious and affirming information.
  • When your mind follows the intelligent lead of your heart.
  • When your mind is curious and interested, not suspicious and interrogating.
  • When you do not need to humiliate, critique, or defeat those who have hurt you – not even in your mind.
  • When your mind can think well of itself, but without needing to.
  • When your mind can accept yourself as you are, warts and all.
  • When your mind can find truth on both sides.
  • When your mind fills the gaps with “the benefit of the doubt” for both friend and enemy.
  • When your mind can critique and also detach from that critique.
  • When your mind can wait, listen, and learn.
  • When your mind can admit it was wrong and change.
  • When your mind can stop judging and critiquing itself.
  • When your mind can find God in all things.


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