That Beautiful Song’s Backstory

At NWLife, we’ve been singing Bethel Music’s beautiful remix of the classic hymn It Is Well.

Having grown up in the church, I heard the backstory on this song a number of times – but as we’ve been singing this newer version, I realize many, if not most, of my NWLife church family don’t know the story.

Here is the story behind the hymn…

YouTube Preview Image


And here is Bethel Music’s remix…

YouTube Preview Image


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1 Comment to That Beautiful Song’s Backstory

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Some years ago I read a book with the back story to a number of well-known worship hymns. Almost all of them were associated with experiences of deep sorrow or some kind of struggle where the lyricist wrote his or her way out of suffering by connecting or reconnecting with God. I wish I still had that book!

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