People With Roots

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Roots exist below the surface, so they don’t get a lot of attention.

We rarely think or talk about them.

I mean, really—when was the last time you had a discussion with someone about roots?

But having deep, healthy roots is absolutely necessary. They nourish and sustain us.

The godly have deep roots. —Proverbs 12.3

So, from a practical standpoint, what does it look like to have deep, healthy roots?


People with roots…

Are committed.

Face storms just like everyone else, but aren’t destroyed by them.

Feed themselves spiritually during the week, come to church filled-up and ready to serve others.

Work hard to provide for themselves, their family, and others.

Live below their means so they are able to give.

Have joy that goes beyond their circumstances.

Are secure in their relationship with God.

Talk to God and listen to God.

Study the Word of God.

Are self-disciplined.

Fulfill their vows.

Are honest.


I know this list isn’t sexy or exciting.

It’s honestly kinda boring and sounds like something your grandparents would say.

That’s the thing with roots—they’re not sexy and they’re not exciting.

But they are life-giving, vital, and necessary.

The truth is, I’d rather you were a bit boring and made it in the long-haul, than super exciting, but short-lived.

Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught. —Colossians 2.7 NLT


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